Friday, February 10, 2012

A Good Life

There are days when I imagine giving away all of my material possessions, and running away... Furniture and household items would be sent to the Goodwill, my books and music to friends who I know would appreciate them. I imagine leaving behind utility bills, telephone bills, tuition charges on the credit card, rent, car problems, cable TV... Deep down inside, I'm a poet and a dreamer. When I allow myself to daydream, I always remember a man I once saw on a cobblestone street corner in South America. He was selling flowers to support his family, and he was happy. 
I have worked hard and studied to be a teacher. I should tell you how I love working with children, and I really do. Yet, deep down inside, I know that I am a writer at heart. I write children's books and poetry. I write about literature, education, and politics. I am concerned about the future of this world: our people and our children. I want to make the world a better place. Believe me...I know how cliché that sounds, but I believe in love and humanity.

I see two paths in front of me. Two very different paths that would both bring me great joy. I see myself teaching children. I smile when I think of it, and I know how hard I have worked to bring this goal to reality. But the other path is my passion. It is what keeps me living and breathing. I want to write, and with my writing, strive for the truth knowing there is always more than one side to every story. I want to strive for the good, because there is so much good to tell; and maybe we don't spend enough time there, remembering the good. I know there are heroes all around us. Everyday we survive because someone reaches out to touch our lives, for just a moment. We succeed because once someone believed in us, and someone still does. I know I will teach the children who most need someone to
believe in them. I know that there will be lots of dreams I will fulfill.

But still, there are days when I imagine giving away all of my material possessions to go off in search of the man who sells flowers by the side of the road. I will write his story, and I will be happy. 


  1. I really enjoyed you article.It's toooooo good........

  2. Thank you for reading... and for the feedback!!